So it is 4am on a Thursday morning (just before dawn), I drank an energy drink just before 2am so I am really not sleepy. However, I just lack the emotional capacity of studying with a candle or my ring-light this morning. So here we are editing a blog-you are welcome.  I often just wonder […]

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Start with why

I pulled through my final year of varsity with high hopes of making it, now at the final months of my training contract I still have high hopes for what I will become. If I was asked again five years from now why did I become an attorney, stuttering and shy as I am my […]

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Of Coffee With Sawubona

Originally posted on Becoming The Muse:
If you were having coffee with I would welcome you to my socially distanced corner of the internet and greet you in the Zulu language: Sawubona which literally translates to I see you. I think it’s a simple yet profound greeting that encompasses our existence that we exist and…

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When I couldn’t bare the pain of keeping the secret of sexual abuse, and not being sure who exactly do I speak to because the one person who I’d most likely approach for help is the one who has hurt me I started writing long random thoughts on facebook. Breathing through words while also screaming […]

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Testing, Testing. So I haven’t written in a while. I do not even think I know how to write anymore. I do not like doing anything especially that has to stimulate my brain in any way. Simply because no matter how good or how much effort I put into it, I am just never rewarded […]

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To the 12 year old Aso

Hi baby girl. This December you are going to pass Grade 7 with flying colours and move to Durban like how you’ve always wanted. You are sure life is going to be a bit more colourful and fun. Unfortunately, your 21 year old uncle (dad’s brother) is going to take advantage of you and by […]

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This is South Africa

I am just here to voice out my frustrations. Imagine having a vision for the rest of your year and have it all crumble in 4 days and the government says its whatever. Inequality, that is what this whole week reminded all of us of who have a bit of sanity left. You know we […]

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Transactional Relationships

Let us talk about relationships. Not just romantic relationships but all sorts of relationships. I think the whole model is flawed. We all have been taught whether directly or indirectly that in order for any relationship to thrive we must give something. We must have something to offer in exchange for something as simple as […]

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I heard it gets better

This is a little late, I just haven’t had the right energy to edit this whole week. So, on Saturday 29 May 2021 I spoke about mental health on Afrobloggers’ meet-up on mental health awareness month. Here is a short in words piece of what I spoke about. It was an exciting event, also was […]

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Twenty four years

So today I turned 24, and I have a new onesie Let me set the scene. I’m in bed wearing my new onesie and holding on to my hot water bottle which were both part of my birthday gifts from my loving boyfriend. I’m not that cold but I’m just anxious and trying to find […]

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