Change comes with great resistance. There are fights, divisions-one on the left the other on the right, another acting like a neutral listening ear ushering the parties to the other side when all that they fear is the truth. To ever stand by something or stand for something that is truthful because it might mean […]

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2022 is wild

I could not think of a title that best describes this year. I have been a stranger again, so let us catch-up. What has been happening? I am assuming we all know that I now have job in corporate. A legal advisor to be precise, on the 29th this month it will be exactly 4 […]

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The cards we are dealt

“To accept, deal with, and make the most of one’s current situation or circumstances; to make use of that which one is afforded or has available.” What were my cards: Being born in a female headed household-in poverty: This is one of the first cards I picked coming into this cold world. My late grandmother […]

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One, two, three breathe. This is how I have been constantly fighting for my life these days. Telling myself to breathe. Breathing is one of the most underrated yet essential things in life, we take it for granted because it comes easy, one does not have to think about it, it just happens. Until it […]

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Lies we tell ourselves

So I have been away for many months, for no better reason than imposter syndrome. Thank you for all the love on my blogs even when I have neglected all of you. Welcome to all the new readers I hope you are kind enough to stay. What happened to you? I am currently reading Oprah […]

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According to my very limited knowledge of the first wave of feminism started with people (the white male gender) having to realise that women were actually human beings. This political movement which took place between 1848 and 1920 in the western world that was aimed at achieving political equality amongst the genders. This time of […]

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Relationship problems

I just came across a TikTok video where one said, “relationships do not have problems, but people come with their problems and they in turn tend to create the resentment in the relationship”. This blew my mind, and yes Tiktok is a reliable source please. Hi fixers in relationships, glad you are here today is […]

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I am only just 25. On 23 May 2022 I began my year of 25. It felt liberating, a shift has been happening in my life and that day I got many confirmations. I might have slept walked through the first 4 years of my 20s. The one thing I have said to myself on […]


you must pay the price

Win or lose you must pay the deposit to cover all the fees. That is how businesses work, especially law firms operate whether the outcome is favourable or not the fees must be paid. What I have discovered in this thing called life is that everything happens, and everything must be paid for even if […]

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